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How Social Media Marketing Outruns the Rest of the Marketing approches

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In a time where even animals and un-lively entities have social media accounts, what makes you still not want to be a part of an ever changing platform? Be it your small scale business, proprietorship, partnership, large scale business, charity, clubs, associations any of the following, it’s inescapable that you should have social media to drive more revenue to your specific business. 

At a point every social media application is integrating a “Business” module in to it, it just keeps getting quicker and easier for anyone at home to come up with a solid idea and hit up the market with his/her products or services.

A “Trend” is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. You need something to grab the audience to your space, something to hit the market’s eye, something for your competitors to worry about, create a trend or be trendy! And the best place for that to happen is Social media space. 

Have you heard about “WestJet” Airways? Well, they did something totally out of the box to the flight attendants on Christmas Eve in 2014 that blew the internet up! With 47 million YouTube views, their sales skyrocketed after people witnessed this! “WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving” search it on YouTube to see what I’m talking about. Remember “Old Spice”??? Gents? Ladies? Their campaign for a body wash “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”  hit 53 million views and created an internet sensation and posts around with people who have never heard about “Old Spice” ended up purchasing them. These are all just mere examples on how your business can surely transform overnight with one right post that will make a transformational twist in the market or audience. 

As difficult it is to wrap your head around, People actually pay money/do business without seeing the other party just cause of technology. You name it, anything is possible with social media platforms and their uniqueness will bring much more authenticity to your organization that would make you fall in love with your income more and more! 

Meeting people face to face is no longer needed when they can be met virtually, no need to post letters when an e mail takes seconds, literally! No more paying extra for advertisements on TV or Radio when all you need it 2-5$ to boost a post around the globe and definitely no need of pigeons or any sort of messengers to pass a message around! It is all virtual, digital and made super easy! 8 out of 10 said that social media platforms has massively aided in 70%-80% of their revenue. As for the remaining 2 out of 10, they simply don’t know about it yet.

A good business always knows that it is never about the Product, it is ALWAYS ABOUT THE PEOPLE! And if you need to know about the people, hit the social media universe, you’ll be mesmerized on how much information you can find out about your audience, if you’re lucky maybe even their mobile numbers!! Yes you know how to stalk! Thanks to social media AGAIN!

~ R. R. David ~

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