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Why VaultPro is ideal for an affiliate marketing!

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VaultPro is an affiliate marketing software ideal for agencies, ad-networks, and companies looking to launch & manage their own Cost Per Action (CPA) network.

VaultPro comes with high-end features like publisher recommendation engine and auto-optimization, having a self-learning engine built-in which helps deliver real intelligence to sophisticated marketing professionals.

VaultPro is a fully customizable, scalable, and reliable software that helps grow the client's business without limitations.

Ceymplon’s VaultPro offers a complete end-to-end, private cloud solution allowing businesses of all sizes to migrate their data and IT infrastructure securely to the Cloud. Whether you’re looking to convert your on-premise IT to the cloud, begin the cloud transition with a best-of-both hybrid solution or simply host your data and applications, our cloud solution is flexible to meet your needs. Being highly secure and easy to use, the VaultPro cloud platform has been specifically designed to remove any unnecessary IT costs from your business without compromising on quality, service, flexibility or accessibility.

With our 24/7 support and maintenance, VaultPro effectively becomes your centralized IT department. Are you interested to have an excellent experience? Tryout our trial version at, and contact us for pricing and comments.

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