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K2 for streamlining your Workflows!

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Processes, workflow, and workflow efficiency

Processes are vital to any business or department to get things done. Some processes are more complex than others, and hence workflows are needed to ensure each task is completed in a timely manner with few errors. When processes are in need of revision, you might begin by improving or automating these workflows, but workflow efficiency is important throughout the enterprise. When each of your departments relies on their own workflow platforms for individual processes, there’s little transparency into the value and efficiency of each one.

An internal review of your processes may reveal blockages across the company, and you can gain insight into your business practices that allow you to reassess the value of certain processes, learn where resources are spent, and allocate your budget towards the right departments. You may realize that some teams are still relying on memory to complete many tasks within a process, rather than relying on a clear, efficient workflow. You may detect a lack of communication between teams, or that some tasks often create delays in the overall process.

Workflows are streamlined in order to help processes move along the right way the first time with better efficiency. That means less time is wasted sending documents back and forth, asking for the status of an approval, or finding errors that force you to repeat a process all over again.

Benefits of more efficient workflows

Increased speed: Your team can free up more time to focus on what really matters—big ideas and innovation.

Decreased mistakes: Without a well-defined workflow, you might see the same errors time and time again.

Increased ROI: An efficient workflow can help you get more out of what you spend on your business, decreasing costly mistakes and wasted hours.

Automate Your Workflows

Once you’ve assessed which workflows are most important to your company and which require the most time and resources, you can focus on automation.

You may use platforms that help automate workflows in various departments. An enterprise-wide workflow efficiency depends on the right platform, and can help you to gain transparency into processes and revise tasks to streamline workflows.

While some digital process automation platforms are focused on improving individual workflows, K2 can be implemented throughout the business to help every department automate more efficiently.

Test and Analyze

As a digital low-code process automation platforms, K2 provide valuable analytics that gives insight into workflows across the company, and designated team members can make changes to your workflows to help make them more efficient, without writing lines of code.

No workflow is perfect for the first time, and put one person in charge of the process of analyzing workflows to search for inefficiencies, and continue evaluating these in the long-term.

Be trained and transform your business

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