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Application of Colour Theory for our creation of effective branding!

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There is a whole theory based on how colors can be used to create a certain perception in the minds of the target audience called the ‘Color Theory’.

Basically, the entire Color Theory is built on the three basic groups of colors – primary, secondary, and tertiary. The color groups can be used to create different color schemes like analogous, complementary, and nature.

Colour Theory helps to create harmonious colour combinations, and marketers come up with a color scheme that would best suit the ‘personality’ of the brand based on this theory.

Customers opt for certain brands only because of colour, as it influences their purchasing behavior. Mostly, buyers go for products that have a visually attractive appearance as compared to products that are effective but lag behind in visual appearance.

Our Clients reach us, and commission work for different reasons, whether that’s growth, new directions, new audiences, redefined purpose, or simply modernization.

We aims at unpacking the brands it works on, and reframe them with purpose, and tend to employ widespread points of references to help create something memorable and unexpected.

We use a number of tools during the exploration process to ensure colour combinations are in line with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). The tools used include the followings:

  • Adobe’s colour scheme generator, Colour CC (formerly Kuler)
  • Pantone’s Studio app, which converts photography into a selection of swatches
  • A tool called Colorable

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