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Automate your Workflows with K2!

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K2 is a digital low-code process automation platform that allows your business to create and release business process applications rapidly. It automates your workflows and streamlines organizational systems for achieving full digital transformation. With both cloud-based (K2 Cloud) and on premises solution (K2-Five) options, you can work from anywhere to build, empower, and control your business processes.

K2 can easily automate workflows using the drag-and-drop designer, eliminating the need for code. Workflows are easier to visualize, providing access for technical business analysts and other power users who would not normally be able to implement automation without an in-depth knowledge of complex code. Pre-built applications can be used to streamline common-use cases such as employee onboarding or sales quote approval, while the app wizard can be used to build more specific apps.

K2 Technology is compatible with almost any line-of-business system including SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and Office 365, creating efficient and reusable processes, and allows you to work with tools you are already familiar with and build on your existing solutions.

K2 platform can be used to bring together all your current systems, creating one cohesive and easily accessible system. It allows your systems to be fully secure through the vast features which are constantly updated to maintain regulation and compliance standards, and it never caches your data so the information you supply stays safeguarded.

With K2, you can save money, reduce risk and grow revenue, and the business critical applications offer a high ROI. Can we help you achieve higher productivity within your business through K2 experience? Be trained on K2, and transform the way your company manages and automates end-to-end processes to accelerate business decisions. Our K2 training will absolutely help you become a successful entrepreneur. Read more at

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