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Ceymplon VaultPro: A viable solution for your business needs!

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Ceymplon VaultPro is entirely adaptable to your business’ needs. We offer a complete end-to-end, private cloud solution allowing your businesses to migrate your data and IT infrastructure securely to the cloud, and our solution is flexible to meet your needs.

Whether you’re planning to convert your on-premise IT to the cloud, begin the cloud transition with a best-of-both hybrid solution or simply host your data and applications.

Being access to your private cloud server is secure and easy for your administrative personnel to use, but completely off-limits to all others, our VaultPro cloud platform has been specifically designed to remove any unnecessary IT costs from your business without compromising on quality, service, flexibility or accessibility. Complete protection of your data and information is ensured with a range of distinct and redundant security systems, and your individual computing systems, applications and data are further safeguarded by several tiers of their own comprehensive security features.

With your own personal cloud space there is no need to monitor server space or deploy users and IT staff to fix issues. Automated task and unique scripting from the management console gives you complete control and ensures reduced downtime and negates the need for a dedicated IT team.

VaultPro takes hourly snapshots of all hosted data, which are backed-up every 24 hours and securely held for 14 days. This ensures if an issue does arise, all your files and data can be easily restored with minimum loss. VaultPro will automatically update to the latest software and security features, ensuring your staff are getting the best from their apps and the highest security.

With our 24/7 support and maintenance, VaultPro effectively becomes your centralized IT department. Are you interested to have an excellent experience? Tryout our trial version at, and contact us for pricing and comments.

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