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Forming a safe e-Government for Sri Lanka!

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The Government of Sri Lanka plans to create a population registry of all Sri Lankan citizens. Being the “Mother of all databases”, this would contain all the information about the population of Sri Lanka. The database would be available for all Government ministries to share data. Since this does present a massive security risk, there is a need to take stronger action against cyber threats and data privacy.

New and/or improved data protection and cybersecurity acts are in development in Sri Lanka, with the aim of protecting you and your organization from malware and unwanted programs. For example, if a hacker inserts a virus into your network, you can use the Cyber security act to take legal action against them. The Data Protection Act, however is all about protecting your data. For example, if someone steals your private information and is holding it ransom, or someone is requesting to access your private data, this act would protect you and give access to the data only after you have authorized it.

The e-Government would bring the entire Government under one umbrella, virtually sharing data among themselves. This initiative will end the use of isolated information by different Government bodies.


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