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SharePoint Migration Made Easy – Migration Tool from Microsoft

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Migration is one of the most painful, risky, expensive exercises for both customers and solution providers and the risk of failing and moving back to original state is one of the common experiences we hear today.

Due to the very complex nature of migration exercise, there are lot of ISVs who are providing 3rd party tools to help us on the Migration exercise. Some of them are: 

  • ·AvePoint
  • ·Sharegate
  • ·Metalogix
  • ·Quest

Above 3rd party tools have their own pros and cons and also definitely a price tag. Depending on the tool we choose, we will have to pay a considerable amount of money to get our environment migrated to the new platform. If you have lot of content/ data, eventually we will spend more money than we invested initially on our solution.

Microsoft recently released a tool – SharePoint Migration Tool, which is absolutely FREE and will helps us to migrate from SharePoint On-premise or from Filre Share to either SharePoint or OneDrive in Office 365.

“The SharePoint Migration Tool lets you migrate your files from SharePoint on-premises document libraries or your on-premises file shares and easily move them to either SharePoint or OneDrive in Office 365. It is available to all Office 365 users.” – Mirosoft

This tool support migrations ranging from the smallest set of files to a large-scale enterprise migration.

The SharePoint Migration Tool provides a wizard-like experience, prompting you for information to simplify migrating your data from your on-premises SharePoint Server document libraries and local file shares to SharePoint Online in Office 365.

How SharePoint Migration Tool works?

The following highlights what is happening as you use the SharePoint Migration Tool:

1.    AUTHENTICATION – once you open the tool, first it must authenticate to the destination environment – the tenant where you will be migrating your files. This account should be a site collection administrator of the destination you want to migrate to.

2.    SCAN – once you Migrate, a scan is performed on every file. A scan is always performed, even if you elect to not migrate your files (see Advanced Settings). The scan verifies that there is access to the data source and write access to the destination. It also scans the file for known potential issues.

3.    PACKAGING – during the packaging stage, a content package is created that contains a manifest consisting of 8 XMLs.

4.    UPLOAD – during the upload stage, the content package is uploaded to Azure with the manifest.

5.    IMPORT – during the import stage, Azure and SharePoint Online are interacting to fetch and migrate the content into the destination. This process is a timer job based. During the import, a report is created in the working folder and live updates are made

How to use the SharePoint Migration Tool –

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