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Where do I go from here - Randika Ratnayake

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The question of “where do I go from here” can be a daunting challenge for many employees in many organizations when they make themselves ready to advance to the next stage of their career. The thought of “being on your own”, in a new country while being part of a new team, can be an unsettling and uncertain time in any one’s life. But that wasn’t the case for Randika Ratnayake, the Technical Consultant and a treasured member of jEyLaBs and Ceymplon family. 

Ceymplon is committed to the growth and development of our employees. We firmly believe that investing in the growth of our employees is investing in the future of our organization. We are committed to provide training and growth opportunities for all Ceymplon employees. This is a success story from one of our beloved team members, Randi. 

Randi joined the jEyLaBs family in 2014 as a Software Consultant - Microsoft SharePoint & .NET, being part of jEyLaBs producing a great number of positive outcomes. In a very short period of time he was highlighted as a rising star of our organization. Since then he was a part of a great number of projects where he provided his outstanding inputs to our organization. With his knowledge and prior experience and with the experience he gained within this short period of time, it allowed him to be an idealistic character at jEyLaBs and Ceymplon where he contributed to many successful projects. Then he got the opportunity to work within the onshore-offshore set up where he was being sent to our parent company jEyLaBs in Melbourne, Australia. Now he’s leading a top gun team from Australia mentoring them to advance their career to provide their best for the projects they work in. 

Ceymplon deliver Innovative Solutions in various technologies and inspirations like Randika Ratnayake sure does have a great impact on other team members’ lives as a role model and we at Ceymplon are glad to have idealistic leaders like Randika Ratnayake who have the capacity to translate vision into reality.

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