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Record and data management using technology

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The significance of protecting and maintaining your organisations data has always been a pivotal business function in order to maintain the competitive edge. Over the past decade the explosion in the amount of information being created, has led to a growing recognition of information security as not only a key business function, but a social obligation.

With the growing use and dependence on digital storage, cloud computing and mobile devices, the challenges has become more complex along with its benefits. There is little room for error, with the consequences of insecure documents or IT systems having costly and damaging organizational implications, particularly when dealing with industries handling sensitive information. With industries often handling various stakeholder data, the potential damage can spread beyond that of merely the organisation itself, a fact which has provoked increasing legal implications for organisations to consider.

So far, businesses have been following traditional methods of document management – printed documents, filing, and loading them in storage cabinets. These methods just cannot support today’s world requirement anymore. In the context of digitization of information and business processes, the traditional methods are not just inefficient and ineffective but also expensive in the long run.

Think about this scenario – when you call customer care, do you want your customer service reps to be able to immediately call up your records or do you want them to put you on hold while they go and search for your records in the central storage space?

So in order to level up with the ever changing environment, organisations need to get along with it, they need to be dynamic in planning as well as executing them.

In order to offer better and timelier service to our customers, you need to start using tools and resources that enable you to do so. That enabler is digitization through the deployment and integration of IT into business processes. By doing so, your organizations will be able to make themselves more efficient and productive and offer their customers error-free service and faster turnaround times.

Considering the above challenges Ceymplon developed a solution that could manage your organization’s documents without investing in server setup and maintenance – and make it easier than ever to access files anywhere, even from mobile devices, the VaultPro.

Having clearly shown the requirement for an efficient way to handle your company documents just click here to get more details on how to maximize your revenue with VaultPro.

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