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DPMC- DPG Named after its founder, the David Pieris Group of Companies began with its focus on automobiles. With a history that dates back five decades, it has grown organically through innovative strategies to make it one of Sri Lanka’s largest and most financially stable conglomerates. From a business unit in a single location, today the Group consists of 17 companies with over 52 regional offices and four Facilities Complexes; employing over 2,000 motivated people who consistently deliver their best.


DPMC strategic objective was to guarantee that all of their group of companies were accessible in one centralized website in the simplest and most intuitive way possible. To increase visits and conversion rates, DPMC-DPG needed to be sure that customers always received the right information, got exactly what they were looking for and could get a smooth user experience via mobile. This would ensure they stayed ahead of their competitors. As we know time by time new trends hit the market and we should always embrace the new changes in order to rectify that we are up to date and always upfront especially when it comes to our competitors.


Our design team created a modern design for the DPMC-DPG site that features clean lines, large, crisp images, and a simple top navigation that scrolls with the content of every page, making navigation much easier. The upgrade to responsive design meant less users were bouncing from the site and instead spending more time browsing the DPMC-DPG


The outcome was an up to date, stylish, easily accessible web portal through any device that makes a visitor stay for a while to run through this attractive interface which leads to heavy traffic. When discussed about the customized content management system (CMS) DPMC now handles all their marketing aspects on the go and easily through .

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