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Tourism Northern Province - Northern Province is located in the north of Sri Lanka and is just 22 miles from India. It is connected with Indian mainland by mythical Adam’s Bridge. (Also known as Sethu Paalam or Rama's Bridge). It has an area of 8,884 square kilometers. Northern Provincial Council has legislative power over a variety of matters including agriculture, education, health, housing, local government, planning, road transport and social services.

The Challenge

Northern Provincial Council required a website dedicated for Tourism sector in Northern Province to disseminate tourism related information to worldwide audience. Website needs to be designed in Multilanguage (Tamil, Sinhala and English) with all dynamic features for updating and prescribed web accessibility features, clean and professional design, search engine friendly, efficient search facility and a secured website with mobile responsive and social media integration.


The solution is fully intended for the tourists who visit Northern Province from other provinces and from the rest of the world. The provided solution is a platform where tourists can access and operate all the provided information and functionalities by Northern Province Tourism Sector. This solution contains Content Management System where all the website related data will be managed by Northern Province Tourism Sector's staffs.


The main goal behind this solution is to promote the tourism industry in Northern Province, Sri Lanka. We ensure that provided website solution will make every tourist feel homely and comfortable and would feel that they got some exotic and exited experience to their life. The people, culture, custom and etiquette, all need to be watched and monitored by the authority so that every tourist will get the maximum comfort and enjoy their time in the Northern Province. Please visit

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