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Royal Travelwings

Royal Travelwings is a Destination Management Company focused on facilitating tourism in Sri Lanka providing the very best of destination management services to diverse clientele from around the globe.


Online inquires is rapidly increasing, and so is the competition. To be ahead of the curve companies have websites that are easy to use and provide an informative and relevant experience to the consumer. To achieve this, companies like Royal Travelwings need to understand who is visiting the website and their intentions. If Royal Travelwings are able to present their selves well on the digital world, it would not just improve the experience for the visitor but also identify additional sales opportunities. A website of a destination management company needs to be constantly updated as its plans & prices are subjected to change. At the mean time the website needs to maintain the standards & impression of a travel website to keep its visitor intact.


Analyzing the current trends as well as the specific requirements of the client, Ceymplon planned to deliver a CMS based website using an image centered design in order to give the extra feel of a travel website. Moreover as most of the travel website at this period were not mobile friendly Ceymplon was keen to develop the website in a manner that it could be compatible in any device.


Ceymplon empowered Royal Travelwings with a visually appealing website backed with CMS (Content Management System) as a solution for their online presence. With the new website Royal Travelwings was able to provide a fantastic service to their clients who made online inquires & also was able to keep their website up to date with all the relevant price & information due to the CMS system. As the website was visual treat for visitors & mobile responsive the response rate of the website was quite high than what was initially assumed.

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