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Established in 2009, Lava International Limited has become one of the fastest growing multi-national mobile handset company, headquartered in New Delhi, India. Due to the rapid and robust expansion since its inception & sustained profitability, Lava successfully launched its branded handsets in Sri Lanka by mid of 2015.


Multinational companies are often faced with managing large employee populations in some countries, smaller employee populations in other countries, starting completely new in growth markets where they haven’t yet established local business entities and Lava International is no exceptional. Realising this, our HR outsourcing team approached the Lava international team at the initial stage in order to understand their complete plan in launching their company & brand locally and understand their strategic goals. As distribution plays a major role in the handset industry, having the right sales agents & promoters throughout the island was a vital factor to be considered.


Taking the delinquent scenario in to consideration, Ceymplon absorbed the complete recruitment & payroll process of Lava & recruited some of the best & outgoing candidates on behalf of Lava not limiting to Colombo but throughout the island. Moreover Ceymplon completely handled the process of screening, interviewing, contracting the selected employees for Lava's international standards.


By outsourcing the complete recruitment process including the payrolls of the employees, Lava had the upper hand to concentrate into their other important aspects such as sales, strategic planning & legal matters. Moreover the outsourcing approach didn't just increase the productivity of Lava, it also help the management of Lava to mitigate the expenditures effectively.

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