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World Vision Lanka (WVL) was established in 1977, starting with small scale revolving loan programmes and moving into short-term community development projects. In 1996 World Vision launched its Area Development Programmes (ADP) in the country and this is now WVL’s main programmatic approach.

The Challenge

World Vision Lanka required to conduct a survey among the pregnant mothers in the Northern Sri Lanka in order to identify their nutrient level as under nutrition is a common problem among expecting mothers. Until the recent past most of the surveys conducted in rural areas of the country was typically conducted via the traditional method using the paper documents which was quite time consuming, not reliable & not quite accurate. This is when WVL decided to use a customised application to conduct the survey, but as the questionnaire included various types of questions as well as complex scenarios, creating an application is any free platforms or using available survey applications was completely out of the options.

The Solution

After a thorough research on the requirement of World Vision Lanka by the technical tem of Ceymplon, Ceymplon came up with an effective solution for the challenge faced by the WVL. Due to the complex nature of the survey questionnaire and the reports required, an android application with a CMS based back end allowing the users to create the desired number and types of questions, monitor the process, as well as generate the desired reports not just in Excel format but to PDFs.

The Result

As a result, the interviewers were able to conduct the survey across different districts and divisional regions with much ease using the user friendly application whereas the users from the World Vision Lanka were able to monitor, generate the relevant reports & conclude the complete survey in a much productive and an effective manner compared to the traditional approach .

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